Welcome to my BLOG!

Welcome to my BLOG!
I´ve been thinking for a while to add a BLOG page to my website and finally I did.
Why a BLOG? Why not? 😊
Sometimes I need to write and express my thoughts in a non-visual way. Just a need to talk and get opinions about some concepts.

I was looking back to my 2017´s artworks and I noticed that I´ve been experimenting a lot! After my first approach with digital painting in 2016, I tried to discover more about it as well as to explore different medium and techniques. Well the result is surprising actually! Only in 2017 I´ve been doing:

– Watercolour paintings
– Acrylics paintings
– Digital paintings
– Pencil drawings
– Pastel drawings
– Ink & Markers drawings

I worked mostly in mixed media (pencil on paper + digital painting) creating different style of illustrations (portraits and characters).
The characters design is the project that gave me (and is still giving) wider range of experimentation: basic illustrations, children illustrations, illustrations on photography, characters on photography.
What could it be the next?

At the moment I´m enjoying everything and lately in the beginning of this new year, I went back to “old school painting” and  I will continue with oil paintings.

I feel the need to do always something new, I don’t like to be static and get stuck only in one type of technique.

What´s your favourite among my artworks style? Let me know! Drop me a message on leave a comment on my Facebook page or Instagram account!

At the next!